Shanice Whitney is a multi-talented creator. A singer, songwriter, vlogger, and self-proclaimed meal prep QUEEN. Although she has many passions-her desire to create and share her musical gift will always be number one. 

Music has always been a part of Shanice's world. From listening to her mother sing the greats while performing with her grandfather's band, to participating in her first talent show at the age of 10, her love of music and admiration of artists started young.

Although she performed all throughout grade school, her real musical journey began in college. There, in the cornfields of Iowa,  she met fellow artist Billy Weathers. During this time Shanice dived into her abilities as not only a performer - but a songwriter as well. She performed at college events and became a regular singing the national anthem at sports games. 

 After finishing her degree in 2014, in Elementary Education, Shanice moved abroad to Kuwait where she taught second grade four for years. She is currently in Kansas City, Missouri, where she she is ready to reignite her passion for music in a city she loves.

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(Behind the scenes of the "Like You Do"official video.)

(Behind the scenes of the "Like You Do"official video.)

Favorite Things

Favorite T.V. Show- Martin ( yes the show from the 90's! There is no better show hands down!)

Favorite Food: Anything with meat, cheese, good seasoning--actually all of it. All of the food, except mushrooms and olives. 

Favorite Artist: Beyonce -not only is she talented AF but her work ethic goes unmatched. I want my grind to be 1/16th of hers. 

Favorite Original Track: Runnin'! It isn't released yet but it is definitely my favorite song from my own catalog. It has such a nice "rollin around with bae" vibe. Y'all are going to love it! 

Favorite Movie: I haven't thought about this in a while...a movie that I recently watched and fell in love with...would be Girl's Trip! It was absolutely hilarious and the cast was A1.